Tooth whitening is a famous cosmetic dental treatment to improve the appearance of your teeth. It is effective and safe but after the whitening process, you will experience sensitivity. Bleaching is used to whiten teeth and these could cause teeth to be sensitive to heat and cold.

Tooth sensitivity or pain is typically set off by hot, cold, sour or sugary foods and refreshments. The pain is distinct and sudden, reaching deep into the nerves inside one’s teeth. It could be induced by any teeth whitening process, as well as brushing too hard.

What Makes Teeth Sensitive?

Inside each tooth are an incredible number of tiny dentinal tubes expanding from the nerve inside the teeth to surface. These microscopic tubes enclose with fluid. Dental sensitivity is induced by the fluid’s motion inside the care. Usually, nutrients in the saliva plug the tubes’ opening that’s preventing fluid movements. If these plugs are dissolved by bleaching gels the fluid will move and cause a level of sensitivity.

The function of bleach on the teeth enamel and dentin is the major reason behind teeth sensitivity. Minor dental problems like tooth decay, consumption of soda and acidic foods can weaken teeth enamel making it easy for acids to find their way inside the teeth and dissolve the plugs by the end of the dentinal tubes.

Treatment for Teeth Whitening Sensitivity

Some teeth whitening alternatives now include desensitizing agents. Desensitizers filled with fluoride and potassium nitrate can be used as stand-alone medications. Some dental expert’s use desensitizing methods after whitening although a teeth whitening system is currently available that delivers desensitizing treatment before and after bleaching.

Fluoride functions by acting on the dentinal tubes and temporarily lowering their size. This result reduced the amount of fluid activity in the tubes. Potassium nitrate is another popular desensitizing agent, it penetrates into the middle or pulp of the teeth and provides a numbing action that lessens irritation.

In the event that desensitizers fail to reduce the pain, over-the-counter inflammatory medications like ibuprofen could help. A whiter smile will come with a cost but for most people, the discomfort of teeth whitening sensitivity is readily balanced by their emotions of confidence and self-respect.


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